In American society  a stressful lifestyle is the norm. Viewing the population as a whole, most of drug treatments do not address or ignore this very important problem. Part of the problem is constant onslaught of drug advertising in the media which people mistakenly think will cure their stress through treating their anxiety or depression or other illnesses.
Specifically, stress is expressed in the body as hormonal either through symptoms of fatigue (depletion) or hyperexcitabilty (excess). Hormonal levels can be measured and quantified to include cortisol, DHEA, estradiol (usually), testosterone, and progesterone.
Subsequently, results are reviewed (usually salivary testing) and bio-identical hormones prescribed if deficient or certain supplemental products or prescription if excess.
Remember that stress is cumulative, i.e., the body is affected in the long term and treatment is necessary and in many cases should be a priority.