This method was perfected by Dr Devi Nambudripad, D.C.. LAc, PhD and over time will eliminate allergic tendencies so that the patient will tolerate the substances previously avoided or eliminated from the diet. This could include substances leading to anaphylactic shock, e.g., mold. From my personal experience, three treatments cleared to the point that she could enter the “moldy” areas without the choking sensation earlier encountered.

In this method, the patient holds a vial of the allergic substance while the practitioner clicks on acupuncture points on the spinal nerves corresponding to specific organs in the body (without needles). The patient then receives additional points treatment to bolster the effect. In this way, the energy to the organs is unblocked and the brain will react positively rather than reject the allergen.

This technique can clear both physical, chemical, and emotional (mental) reactions to foods, chemicals, and airborne substances. Initially, we test for ten food groups (vials)- from Egg /Chicken mix to Salt mix, since we need to absorb “foods as medicine.” However, if molds or airborne substances are highly reactive to and individual, then this becomes a priority for treatment. We can even treat infections whether viral, bacterial or fungal to give some relief of symptoms, and adding specific herbs or homeopathic remedies and supplements to accelerate healing.